Straight to Normal

Straight to normal is the autobiography of a gay man who had to battle bouts of confusion, vulnerability, fear, dejection and depression and also unlearn the normative definition of lust, love and everything in between, in order to thwart the desire to kill himself and find a reason to live.

Through the twists and turns of hate and affection, love and break-ups, violence and near peace, he finally finds the courage to speak for himself and others like him.


“Don’t hate people for loving someone”

Sharif Rangnekar’s autobiography of being gay in a closeted India is the book to read right now.

Review: Straight to Normal by Sharif D Rangnekar

Sharif D Rangnekar’s Straight to Normal is a memoir that also chronicles a slice of India’s queer rights movement.

What others have to say

‘Straight to Normal’ is a Beacon of Hope to all Gay Men Growing up in Small Town India

Gaylaxy Magazine

I really enjoyed #StraighttoNormal by Sharif Rangnekar. It’s a simple, vivid, powerful memoir and by documenting an experience that is common yet invisible, the book becomes an important historical record

Amrita Mahale

An outstanding memoir #StraightoNormal. On identity, love, acceptance and written with great honesty. Read,read,read.

Anita Nair


This Indian memoir of coming out of the closet in the face of intolerance is poignant in its detail.

A book about pride and prejudice!

New Indian Express

The book depicts the struggles that homosexuals face in urban India. It is a story of self-discovery and courage in face of societal stigma, and even unimaginable violence




This Indian memoir of coming out of the closet in the face of intolerance is poignant in its detail

An excerpt from ‘Straight To Normal’, where Sharif D Rangnekar recounts his personal journey from confusion, through awareness and anxiety, to acceptance.