Realising Brand India

The book was a first of its kind anthology that captured the drivers of change – a change that was redefining India at that point. Edited by Sharif, the book involved 10 prominent national and international writers primarily from the media, besides himself, covering different areas of the economy, market and industries while capturing the sentiment of consumers.

Released in November 2004 by the then Delhi Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit, the book got shared stories of not only successes in the global sphere but also the relevance of growing, proud Urban middle class and of course, the struggles of the poor.

The forward was by the noted scientist and former head of NASSCOM, Kiran Karnik and had write ups from leaders such as Santosh Desai, Rupa Purushothaman, Khozem Merchant, Pallavi Aiyar, Govindraj Ethiraj and Malavika Sangghvi.

Other than write ups, the book had cartoons from the noted cartoonist Unny and photos by Dilip Banerjee.


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