Despite the anxiety, the end of the lockdown brings with it a fresh yearning to meet relatives and close friends

We continue to be discriminated against, not even schools and colleges are safe enough for queer people as there isn’t a single anti-discrimination law to protect us.

The community reflects the polarisation with which the rest of India lives.
The Indian queer community has never been so invested and watchful of national politics as it is right now in the midst of the general elections.
Pride Circle is organising India’s first LGBTI+ job fair in Bangalore.

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Today is a day to celebrate the victory and freedom restored to us by the Supreme Court. With the Court referring to the importance of heterogeneity and why majoritarian views should not count given the essence of our Constitution, the verdict—to decriminalise homosexuality—gains greater significance and probably even an indication of what’s next in our battle for equal rights.

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